A healthy body means a happy life, and we want the best for our patients.

We believe in providing a stress-free, welcoming environment for our patients. We do this by offering service-driven treatments that are focused on your needs and interests. No two people have exactly the same story so we work with you personally to find what’s right for YOU!

Where we came from

HL Med Spa Today

We are HL Med Spa, A high-end beauty and wellness care center with a team of industry-leading doctors and professionals. We are devoted to providing innovative treatments focused entirely on exploring your natural beauty and body wellness. With groundbreaking technology and award-winning skincare products, we offer tailored treatments on an individual level from the inside out to enhance your medical spa experience. We believe that treating your body from the inside out will not only provide the best results but most importantly feel your best.

We are an INMODE head to toe center where we provide a variety of RF procedures such as Body & Face contouring, RF microneedling, RF vaginal rejuvenation, laser hair removal using Alexander, diode and 1064 wavelengths to cover all Fitzpatrick skin types, IPL and etc. Our aesthetics procedures also include injectables, facials, massages, sclerotherapy, PRP, and more. Our wellness procedures begin with a general check-up with our MD anti-aging doctor, then with the individual recommendations which can include hormone replacement therapy, IV infusion, Nutrition counseling, etc.


Meet The Team

Our mission is to bring a touch of the Brazilian way to be pampered to the world of beauty and wellness, creating a unique and exclusive experience.

Leilan Singh

Medical Aesthetician/Brand CEO
The founder of the first five-star beauty salon and spa in Newark, NJ. Originally from São João do Manteninha, MG, Brazil, Leilan Chaves graduated from a Japanese hair school in Ipatinga, MG, in 2003. Working with full dedication in hair and beauty, she followed her passion and came to the US at the age of 20. She further pursued her career by getting her masters from the National Laser Center in Medical Aesthetic. Her enthusiasm and devotion to the hair, beauty, and skin industries has no limits, and it clearly shows through her 20 years of experience. Today, her two businesses have stunned the whole Newark community and surroundings with their gorgeous and sophisticated looks and providing the highest quality and technology in the industry of outstanding services and products.

Safira Stafford

General Manager
General Manager/IT Specialist/MACertified Medical Assistant and bachelor’s degree in information technology management, Safira Stafford worked in renewable energy for a few years before transitioning to the medical aesthetics industry. Her passion for the industry emerged after working closely with Leilan Singh. She became fascinated by advancing technology of medical aesthetics combined with wellness. “It is satisfying to me as a professional to see the effects it has on people; we are not only providing external confidence, but creating an environment where wellness is fundamental for the overall results. There is nothing better than to feel your best from the inside out”

Dr. Danuta Stankiewicz

MD/Anti Aging Dr
A board certified in family medicine, specializing in AESTHETICS MEDICINE, Fillers and Botox injection, preventive care, sports and minor injuries. "All beauty comes from within and all you need is a doctor's touch to make it shine. It's fascinating for me to combine my medical knowledge with wellness and beauty."

Luana Castro

Nurse Injector
Luana Castro is a registered nurse and she has been with us since the beginning of the HL MEDSPA. Luana performs IV therapy, intramuscular injections and other aesthetic services. Luana has always been passionate about the aesthetics and wellness industry, this is what motivates her to pursue a career in nursing. After graduating she dedicated her career in the wellness, cosmetic and beauty industry. "I strongly believe in looking as good as you feel, that's where well-being meets beauty."

Renata Reis

Massage Therapist/Aesthetician
A certified massage therapist, specialized in post-operative care, lymphatic drainage, prenatal massage, slimming and cellulite reduction massage. After years modeling herself, she fell in love with the beauty industry and discovered her talent in aesthetic and wellness, and later graduated in massage therapy. She has worked with well-known names, such as the plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy. Renata has traveled the world for Beauty Expo Events representing cosmetic lines and massage techniques. "When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions.

Nancy Monteiro

Massage Therapist
More than 10 years of practice as a massage therapist, Nancy offers many services such as: lymphatic drainage, slimming massages, post-operative, deep tissue, bamboo therapy, relaxing massages, hot stones massage, reflexology and Reiki. Nancy is proud to create an unique experience to each patient, focusing on nurturing the soul and treating the body as one. She believes in the holistic approach to healing and treatment, making herself the best option if you share the same views.

Jacqueline Hayar

A certified Nutrition and wellness consultant AFPA, specialized in holistic and behavioral nutrition. For many years Jacqueline has been coaching people to strengthen their relationship with food and their body by creating good habits that later will generate sustainable results and benefits throughout life. She has coached more than 500 patients with definition and hypertrophy goals and worked to prevent and improve pathologies through nutrition.

Camila Barbosa


Ana Clara Borges

Admin Assistant
Ana Borges started working at HL MED SPA as Client Services Specialist in August, 2021. Ana was born and raised in Anapolis-GO, Brazil and moved to USA at the age of 15, for a better life opportunity. Prior to working at HL MED SPA, Ana has worked since she was 15 years-old in different positions. Additionally, she has gained more knowledges at HL MED SPA as aesthetics services and products, communication skills and patient support. She helps patients find the better treatment for their skin goals that fits in their unique budgets, working together to find the best time in their schedules.