Laser hair removal: Myths and Facts!

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Laser hair removal is a commonly used method of reducing unwanted hair. Summers are upon us and with the sun shining bright right on our heads, it’s normal if you’re feeling a little indifferent about laser hair removal. Looking to get laser hair removal this summer?
Answer 1. Yes! (Awesome! Keep reading to get reassurance) 

Answer 2. No or Maybe! (Still keep reading, we’ll change your mind by busting the myths and stating the facts!)

Shaving, waxing, plucking, or threading, they all are time taking and painful ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Not only do they take time, but some people also experience ingrown hairs, redness, bumps and rashes after the process.

If you read through the following myths and facts, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision about laser hair removal during summer.

laser hair removal procedureMyth: Summer is not the right time to get laser hair removal!

Nothing is wrong about getting a laser hair removal procedure in summers. However, you should avoid too much sun exposure before laser hair removal, regardless of the type of skin. Disadvantage is not the treatment itself, but an increased propensity to expose your skin to the sun during the summer months.

As long as you protect your skin by applying sunscreen when you’re out in the sun, laser hair removal in summers is a safe procedure. 

Lasers of the latest generation use technology that bypasses the skin and finds melanin to safely remove hair.

Myth: You cannot get a laser hair removal if you’re tanned!

That’s untrue and you can get a laser hair removal even if you’re tanned. The thing is when you’re tanned, the color of your skin looks similar to the pigment the laser has to target. As a result, your aesthetician might lower the aggressiveness of the laser and it might take a few more sessions to complete the process. Amazingly, rapid technological advancements have now made it possible to go hair-free, no matter the color of your skin. 

Fact: You cannot receive a laser treatment after laying out in the sun for 72 hours!

That’s actually the case!It is not allowed to have been exposed to the sun 72 hours before laser hair removal or laser treatments.

This can cause scarring and damage to your skin. The heat can make your skin far more sensitive, regardless of whether you look tanned or not. It’s best to avoid exposure to sunlight 72 hours in advance.

Fact: It might take a few sessions for the full treatment!

Your hair grows in cycles and therefore it might take up to 8 sessions to get full effects. Once you achieve your goals, it is important to maintain it by going for follow up sessions. However, unlike waxing or shaving you will not suffer from any ingrowns or increased hair growth.

Following these tips can help you after laser hair removal during the summer!
  • It is recommended that you do not participate in any water-based activity after treatment.
  • During the period prior to and following treatment, avoid direct sunlight on the treated area. In case you get in contact with the sun and feel an itchy sensation in the area, use cortizone-10 with aloe.
  • The sun protection you should wear on a daily basis should have a SPF of at least 30 to 100, and should contain active ingredients such as zinc and titanium.